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Welcome! Do you dare to be different?

Let me bow and curtsy a-la-Alice-in-Wonderland and tell you a little bit about this site.

Curious Homes is a site with a mission: making you smile and inspire you to let your personality and individuality show through your interior design and home accessories.
The site wants to provide design ideas to make home decorating all about fun and creativity.

Whether your style is modern, shabby chic, oriental or vintage, I hope you will find this site a useful source of inspiration to make your home unique with my handpicked selection of accessories for the home.

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Time to get organised in the kitchen: recipe files

Autumn is almost here and one of the things I’d love to do this season is try different recipes and cuisines.
Although I really love cooking and trying new things, I’ve found that I’ve pretty much got stuck into a routine consisting of couple of recipes and I’ve been using those week after week. Not good.
So I’m on the hunt for some inspiring cook books (really fancy Moroccan and Japanese these days!) and I have also decided to get more organised in the kitchen and buy a recipe file or notebook. I tend to buy cooking magazines regularly but if I’m trying to find a recipe which was published on an old issue…well, you guessed it – it takes forever. Same goes with online recipes as I often forget to bookmark them. So what do you think of these recipe organisers?

Recipe files

Product info (clockwise left to right): Retro cakes recipe file – £15.99, Recipe box yellow design – £6.95, Recipe file – £14.99, Handmade embroidered notebook – £15.95

Am I finally walking the path to domestic geekdom or is it just a sign of getting old?

September 16, 2010   No Comments

Friday lunch break: Etsy travels and Pacman cushions

Happy Friday everyone!

Just a quick post before I get back to work to share these cute Pacman cushions I found during my daily lunchtime Etsy travels.

I’m totally loving Modernality‘s creative work! It’s fun, extremely quirky, geeky and it has made me feel like playing Pacman! Great. Exactly what I need on a Friday afternoon when I’m stuck in the office.

Pacman cushions

September 3, 2010   2 Comments