About me

Hey there!
I’m Sara – proud mama, list obsessive, veggie foodie and self-confessed geek.
I live near Leeds with my husband, our daughter (aka Dinky) and our 3 very spoilt cats.
Curious Homes is where I share my love for organising and simplicity.

I’m here to help you declutter, simplify your life and reclaim more time for the stuff that’s really important:
creating a life that you love.

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20 random facts about me
– I am originally Italian but most people have no idea where I come from because of my hybrid Yorkshire/Italian accent.
– I am a total birth geek and would have loved to become a midwife.
– I can’t let go of the 90s when it comes to music. Oh, and you can spot me on one of Oasis’s DVDs!
– My last supper would be a mushroom stir fry with a mountain of noodles. I could live on the stuff.
– I have a deep hate for cucumbers and paralysing phobia of locusts (I can’t even watch A Bug’s Life).
– I hate being late and I get annoyed if I have to wait around for people.
– I want to visit Singapore again as soon as Dinky is old enough to travel that far. It’s the destination of my first holiday with my husband and such an amazing place.
– Starbucks frappuccinos and slush puppies were my pregnancy craving. I couldn’t get enough, even in winter.
– I am a bookworm. To me, there’s nothing better than getting lost in a good book, especially crime or fantasy novels.
– We got married on Star Wars day (May 4th) and had a sci-fi themed wedding. Our first dance song was from Back To The Future.
– I have very strong views when it comes to politics and religion. I could talk for hours given the opportunity.
– I seem to give the impression of being pretty outgoing but I am an introvert at heart.
– My daughter is my biggest accomplishment. Nothing will ever come close.
– I love Halloween more than any adult should.
– I adore thunderstorms. They’re a good reminder of how vulnerable and small humans are in this world.
– I don’t particularly like kids other than my own and a selected few others.
– The movie ET freaked me out when I was a child and I haven’t watched it since.
– I never wanted an engagement ring. My husband and I splurged on a holiday to Barbados instead.
– I have an unhealthy obsession with the show Who Do You Think You Are and history in general.
– I am a grammar nazi. I fully admit it. Some common mistakes drive me crazy and I often have to stop myself correcting people.